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About Baccata

Our Background : Your Global Reach

Baccata Group has grown steadily since its incorporation in 1990, when it focused on serving clients in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Today, our clients can be found throughout the world and rely on us to establish sound structures that enable both domestic, family, and cross-border investment and commerce.

Having joined the business in 1999, Managing Director Nicholas Falla, became the majority shareholder five years later and has overseen a long period of successful organic growth that is built upon the solid foundation of our proud independence.

Based in the International Finance Centre of Jersey, Baccata has a truly global outlook that sees us advising private clients, families and businesses who belong to the world’s international elite.

Historically, Baccata has focused on serving private clients but, as the firm’s reputation has grown, we have moved into new areas including the provision of family offices, private wealth management and commercial international project management.

Fully Regulated

The Baccata Group is fully regulated and registered in the conduct of trust company business by the Jersey Financial Services Commission (JFSC) in accordance with the Financial Services (Jersey) Law 1998, as amended (see

To maintain this licence we comply with regulatory and professional requirements including an annual audit, employment of suitable staff and adhering to Codes of Practice prescribed under the Financial Services (Jersey) Law 1998, as amended.

The Baccata Group

All companies in the Baccata Group are licenced by the Jersey Financial Services Commission in the conduct of trust company business. It is important to note that the Baccata Group is not authorised to give investment advice.

The Group comprises the following businesses: