Whether you or your family operate at a global or regional level, you need professional support from people who understand the demands placed upon you. 

With assets located in a variety of jurisdictions, you need to know that they are being properly maintained and managed.

Baccata's Family Office and Private Wealth services are designed specifically to help you deal with the challenges of global living, so you have the time to focus on its benefits.


Jersey is the perfect place to locate your family office:

Located in Europe and operating from the Greenwich time zone, you can rely on your Jersey-based family office to support you, wherever you are in the world.

Baccata is able to work closely with other -well trusted professional service providers. The island has developed, over decades, into one of the world’s leading international finance centres.

With strong ties to the City of London and less than an hour’s flying time away, Jersey is the safest place from which to administer and manage your investments.

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