Baccata Trustees Limited

Strategic Services

Successful businesses are constantly adapting to the world around them. Sometimes change is driven internally, from a desire to reach new markets, realise an exit strategy or achieve greater heights. At other times, organisations have to adapt to external pressures such as competition, regulation and changing trends.

The challenge for all businesses is to see the need for change before it is required whilst also dealing with the unyielding demands of managing daily operations.

To overcome the challenge, Baccata provides Corporate Strategy Services that ensure businesses are in the best possible shape as they prepare to enter new markets and that they are sufficiently flexible and resilient to deal with new regulation or changes in demand.

One of the most effective ways to make certain that your organisation is prepared for the years ahead, is to ask someone from the outside to have a look in.

Baccata is that trusted partner that can help you prepare effectively for the future.

Our Services

The Corporate Strategy Team at Baccata will help your business provide value to shareholders by developing a strong corporate culture and excellent standards of governance. Among the service we provide are:

  • Succession plans
  • Expansion plans
  • Exit strategies
  • Global sanctions policies
  • Anti-money laundering
  • Bribery & corruption policies