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About Jersey

The International Finance Centre

Jersey is a world-leading, tax neutral International Finance Centre that has, for over half a century, developed its reputation as a well-regulated, well-governed and well-resourced jurisdiction.

The island is regularly inspected and assessed by organisations such as the IMF, Moneyval and the OECD and has adopted OECD and EU recommendations to reduce harmful tax measures. Jersey is also compliant with the principal global standards in regulation and transparency, and regularly works alongside international partners in the development of new standards.

Jersey understands the balance between transparency and privacy, and was one of the first jurisdictions to maintain registers of beneficial ownership which enable the island to provide requested information to the appropriate authorities, whilst not intruding on individual privacy.


A Unique History

Underpinning Jersey’s success as an International Finance Centre, is the island’s unique history and constitutional position.

As a dependent territory of the British Crown, lying outside both the UK and the EU, Jersey has enjoyed over eight centuries of political autonomy. Today, the island’s government (the States of Jersey) uses its independence to provide a business-friendly, tax neutral environment that facilitates global commerce.

Jersey is proud of this role and the island’s authorities ensure that it remains among the world’s leading business jurisdictions by negotiating its own tax treaties and creating its own arrangements for regimes such as Common Reporting Standard (CRS) and FATCA.

A Unique History